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Tracey's journey started in August 2018 with her first consultation. Follow her transformation below... 

First consultation

Tracey had her first consultation in August 2018. Her hair was too short for extensions, so we created a plan for her transformation journey. She needed to come back in November and carry on growing out her short, funky hairstyle.

Second consultation

In November, Tracey had grown her hair long enough for extensions to be fitted!


Tracey's hair after her hair extensions have been fitted, cut and styled. 

Colour change

In March 2019 Tracey decided to change her colour to one, even colour all over. Her hair had also grown to a nice length and was in extremely good condition after wearing her previous set of extensions for 3 months. 

Tracey's hair extensions have been fitted and look amazing! There are no demarcation lines, and look perfect with curls or straight. 

First hair check

I like to check the health of your natural hair regularly. Tracey's first hair check was in May 2019; it had grown out, was still all one colour and in great condition.


Her hair extensions are fitted perfectly with no demarcation lines. 

Second hair check

Tracey's second hair check was in October 2019. Her hair was in perfect condition, good health and had grown longer.

Perfect curls every time!