Lisa came to me after suffering with hair loss after being prescribed  a certain type  medication.  Lisa had lost her confidence and she explained to me that  just booking her consultation took a lot  of courage.  Take a look at Lisa's transformation she looks amazing and it boosted her confidence.  Gone are the days of using a  coloured hair spray and baseball caps  and worrying as to  how she is  going to cover up her patches.

I could not recommend Denise at hotlocks highly enough. I had a mesh integration system by Denise. From the consultation to my mold, checks and my fitting, she made me feel so relaxed and at ease, she went through and explained everything and answered all my questions. My confidence was at an all time low. Denise spent a lot of time with me and she got to know me, she is so lovely. It felt like I’ve known her for a long time, she made me feel so positive about myself. The day of the fitting I was so amazed of the system, its brilliant. It feels so natural and amazing. Denise had matched my hair colour and style to how I had it previously and that was how I wanted the hair system to look. It has given me the biggest confidence boost and the smile has not left my face since. Everyone has complimented me on my hair and my smile. It was such an amazing feeling, the confidence was building up all through my fitting. She is an amazing and talented women. I can’t thank Denise enough on what she has done and how she’s made me feel.

- Lisa -


Julie suffers from a thyroid problem and her hair has suffered due to her health issues. Her natural hair was a bit of a mess when she came to me, due to her illness, operation and not having her system removed earlier. 

The system I removed was not fitted by me, and you can see the results of leaving your system on for too long!

I just wanted to say a great big thank you for my hair, I am made up with it, I feel a million times better, its perfect it I love it.

- Julie -


Karen has very fine hair and was wearing a micro parting but wanted more coverage so opted for a full mesh system.  Results are amazing and Karen manages it well.

I love what you have done and it feels just like my own hair - amazing!!

- Karen -


Zoe had the Volumiser Mesh Integration System fitted because she has very fine hair and wanted length and thickness.  Zoe got long hair and found the results amazing!

The result is  absolutely outstanding and I would definitely recommend this to anyone.

- Zoe -


 Bernie has been wearing clip-ins 24/7 for a couple of years. The wear of the clips has caused traction alopecia, so she ditched the clip-ins and opted for a volumiser mesh integration system.  Results are amazing!

Absolutely unbelievable how it feels like my own hair.  I feel fabulous!

- Bernie -


Rebecca had the Volumiser Mesh Integration System fitted because she was growing her hair and wanted length and thickness.  Rebecca was thrilled with the end result and had long thick hair.  

I absolutely love it and now have gorgeous long hair.

- Rebecca -


Nicola has baby fine hair so the Volumiser was exactly the same as her own hair, only thicker.  Brilliant end result! 

Nobody knew I was wearing a volumiser it was exactly same as my own hair, amazing.

- Nicola -