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Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions - What You Need to Know

Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions-What You Need to Know

Pre-bonded hair extensions are attached to the hair using a keratin-based adhesive. Keratin is the protein that your hair is made of and it’s gentler on your hair than other types of adhesive that might be harder to remove.

How are pre-bonded hair extensions applied?

When pre-bonded extensions are made, bonding adhesive is placed on the end of each extension. When they are fitted, your extensionist will fuse the bonded tip to your natural hair with a heated clamp that looks a little bit like thin hair straighteners. This melts the adhesive which is then rolled to make the extension secure. When the extensions are removed, the extensionist will use a special remover to remove the glue safely to minimise damage to the hair.

What are the benefits of pre-bonded hair extensions?

• Pre-bonded extensions are very secure and less likely to slip than other methods, so they’re a great choice if you have an active lifestyle.

• They so feel comfortable and natural that you might even forget that you have extensions in!

• They’re a good choice for people with fine or damaged hair that might struggle to take the weight of hair fitted using different methods like micro rings. The pre-bonded extensions are the only method where the strands of hair can be customised, creating micro bonds to extend a fringe for example.

How to maintain pre-bonded extensions

If you follow the aftercare instructions, including using the recommended hair care products, your extensions will last much longer. As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, it doesn’t make any sense spending your hard-earned cash on premium quality hair and then not taking the time to look after it.

Another big part of looking after your extensions is having regular maintenance appointments in the salon to keep them in good condition. I’ll usually check that they’re not matted, take out any extensions that are loose (the adhesive can loosen as your hair grows out) and replace them with new extensions.

When clients come to me, they can expect the best brands of hair and the best possible service. The main hair brands I use are Remi Cachet, Great Lengths, Tasha Jacks, and I have my own Indian Temple Hair. I also specialise in Curly Hair. The top quality hair and my precision fitting methods means that every client knows that their natural hair is being looked after. If clients do have any issues with their extensions, they can contact me straight away, come back to the salon and get it sorted; that’s the personal service I pride myself on.

You can book your consultation direct from the booking link on the website and find out how I can help you achieve the hair of your dreams. If you require further information before booking then please text/whatsapp/ring 07932078004.

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