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5 Reasons You Should Have Hair Extensions

Are you longing for long, bouncy, luscious locks but your hair just won’t grow? Have you opted for a choppy bob and instantly regretted it when your stylist started chopping bits off your mane? Or do you want your hair to look extra amazing for your wedding or another special occasion?

Hair extensions might just be the answer to your prayers. Here are 5 reasons you should have hair extensions, and why they’ll make you feel amazing.

Your hair just won’t grow

This is the most common reason that people get hair extensions. If your hair just doesn’t grow past a certain point, don’t give up on your dreams of long locks, get hair extensions. At Hot Locks, we look after your natural hair too so it won’t get damaged, and it might even start to grow out.

You want to add volume

If you have fine hair that has no shape or won’t hold a style, you might long for it to have a bit of ‘oomph.’ Hair extensions can add volume and shape to your hair, and when they’re done well, they look completely natural.

You’ll be able to wear your hair in loads of different styles

When you have longer, thicker hair, the styling options are endless. Fuller hair can make even a ponytail or a bun look more pretty and interesting, and you’ll be able to achieve much more intricate updos.

You really regret getting your hair cut

Maybe you’ve gone to the hairdresser and asked for a trim and she’s cut a few too many inches off, or you’ve had your long hair cut into a bob and you instantly regret it. Hair extensions can fix the problem. They can give you your length and volume back in a matter of hours and you can wear them while your hair grows out (unless you fall in love and decide to keep getting them forever!)

You want your hair to look amazing for a special occasion

Do you have a vision of yourself having long flowing curls on your wedding day? When you want to look a million dollars on a special occasion, beautiful hair really makes you look the part. It makes you feel gorgeous and confident, and that is priceless. Having hair extensions can give you this and more.

Are you convinced?

When clients come to me, they can expect the best brands of hair and the best possible service. The main hair brands I use are Remi Cachet, Great Lengths, Tasha Jacks, and I have my own Indian Temple Hair. I also specialise in Curly Hair. The top quality hair and my precision fitting methods means that every client knows that their natural hair is being looked after. If clients do have any issues with their extensions, they can contact me straight away, come back to the salon and get it sorted; that’s the personal service I pride myself on.

Contact the salon to book a consultation on 07932078004 via text or call and find out how I can help you achieve the hair of your dreams. 

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