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   Salon Number: 01942 465004 

                Volumiser Integration System

The Volumiser Integration System is an advanced method to cover hair loss in women.  It requres the individual to still have 50% of their own hair left.  Your existing hair and a mesh like material are used to create a foundation to add more hair to the affected area.  The time to complete this creation will take between 3-5 hours dependant on the requirements of the client, but you can be guaranteed that the end result is nothing short of amazing.

To keep your system fresh and your own hair uncompromised, a maintenance appointment at about 5-6 weeks is necessary, and a full removal before refit at 11-12 weeks.  

This system allows you to live your life without worrying about your hair coming off or slipping.  You can sleep in it, go to the gym, lead an active lifestyle with it.  The hair can by styled, and you an wear it up.  You will finally have more options that you have had before!


How long does my natural hair have to be?

Your natural hair should be about chin length to wear this system.  If your hair is not chin length then do not worry its always worth contacting me to see what I can offer.



A consultation is absolutely necessary to see if you would be suitable for the this system.  The system is customised to each client and no two heads are the same and I will only be able to give you a quote once I have discussed your needs in person.


How do I make an appointment?

Appointments can be made by telephoning the salon on 01942 456004 or you can email me and I will send the booking link to your email. Or you can go direct to the booking link and book yourself a consultation.  If you wanted to discuss this in more then detail please ring or email me at


Below are pictures of a step by step guide of how the Volumiser is created







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