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Client Success Story: The Volumiser Mesh Integration System

Hair loss can be devastating for women, and it can really affect their self-esteem and confidence. That’s why I’m proud to say that I offer a hair loss solution at Hot Locks.

The Volumiser Mesh Integration System is a bespoke solution for ladies who are suffering from hair thinning and hair loss. It’s built with a breathable mesh that’s moulded and fitted to your head, so that the hair looks just like your own.

I spoke to one of my lovely clients who has a hair system about how she’s getting on with it and how it’s changed her life. There are no names mentioned to protect privacy.

Denise (D): What is your experience of hair thinning or loss?

Client (C): “My hair loss started when I very young due to an illness I had and it’s just never grown back. It makes me feel ugly and unfeminine, and I have low self esteem as I feel people judge me because my hair is very thin on top.”

D: What hair replacement products or solutions have you tried before you got a hair system?

C: “Well let’s start with medication. I have taken all kinds of stuff. I took normal vitamins which didn’t work, then the doctor prescribed some medication because he thought I was depressed but I never took it as I wasn’t depressed, I was just feeling ugly as I felt bald. I did find it funny when I noticed that one of the side effects of the medication was hair loss. No, thanks! I wanted to hold onto the hair I had!

I also tried hair fibres which made it look worse than ever, then I used dry shampoo and read that it clogs the hair follicles so I moved onto thickening shampoo. I tried everything, even the old wives’ tales which I won’t go in to because it’s too embarrassing. The sad thing is, I probably made my hair thinner using these products.”

D: What made you choose the volumiser mesh integration system?

C: “I chose this system because it completely covers my own hair and it makes me look like any other person who has a full head of hair and people don’t automatically look at my scalp. It also gives me confidence and my self-worth has improved 100%.”

D: Why did you choose Denise at Hot Locks to fit your system?

C: “I was looking around for someone who would answer all my questions initially before I booked a consultation. I emailed a few salons and Denise got back to me within a couple of hours with a lovely email introducing herself and she answered all my questions. She also said I could ring her for a chat which I did as I wanted to see if she was like she was in her emails. I instantly warmed to her and she made me laugh with her northern accent, down to earth attitude and her great sense of humour. I booked a consultation and was actually there for nearly two hours! I was given loads of information and I felt confident that it would be as she said. Sadly, of the other salons I emailed, only one got back to me with an abrupt reply saying ring the salon.”

D: Do you find it easy to manage?

C: “ I didn’t at first as I felt like I had a large head! I think it was because I wasn’t used to having so much hair. I emailed and rang Denise, had a chat and she answered all my questions. As the weeks passed, I felt so much more confident and realised that I had basically worried over nothing. I had my two week check- up with Denise and after that, it felt like my own hair. It did feel a bit heavy at first and I think you have to get used to wearing the system, but it’s worked a treat for me and I love it now!”

D: What are the main benefits of having the hair system?

C: “Not having to worry about sorting my hair out first thing in the morning and worrying about how I am going to wear it. I just get up, brush it, give it a bit of a curl, and off I go. It’s saved me lots of time and worry.”

D: What advice would you give to anyone who’s suffering from hair thinning or loss?

C: “I would say book yourself a consultation straight away at Hot Locks. Write a list of questions down that you want to ask because when you’re there, you’ll forget to ask them! For me, I think it was due to excitement, but Denise answers above and beyond the questions you ask anyway.

If you’re considering a hair system, I’d say take finances into consideration as well because you’ll need maintenance. Denise will explain this to you. The maintenance appointments and aftercare products are the key to keeping the hair system, and your own hair underneath, in tip top condition.

I budget for my hair now as its part of my make up and extremely important to me. Denise does have a savings scheme you can join which I have done. You don’t miss the money as its done on a ‘what you can afford’ basis.”

Would you like to find out more about the volumiser mesh integration system?

Call me for a chat on 07932078004 or email denise@hotlocks.co.uk 

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