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Introducing My Online Booking System

As we know sometimes it’s hard to book an appointment as we don’t have the time well I have made this very easy for you. Everyone wants to look glam for their parties or special events, holidays and of course, I love to help you look amazing.

The problem with missed or cancelled appointments

I know that life happens. Kids get ill. You get ill, held up at work, or have an emergency, and I’m always sympathetic when those things happen because they happen to me too!

So in these cases, all I would expect is to be given plenty of notice. But when clients either don’t turn up or cancel at the last minute, I might be unable to fill that appointment at short notice which costs me time and money. Not only that, someone who is desperate for an appointment might not be able to fit into this slot at short notice, so they lose out too. That’s why I ask for a small deposit when clients book consultations and a deposit for hair extension and hair loss systems services, but this doesn’t always prevent cancellations.

This is especially tough for a small business like mine. I’m sure I’m not the only hair stylist or small business who has this problem.

My online booking system

Everyone is so busy these days that even something as simple as getting around to calling and booking an appointment can be a chore, so I’ve made it nice and easy for you to book appointments with me. It’s super easy and convenient, and even better, it will only take you 2 minutes!

Why book online?

• You can access my online booking system 24/7, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

• You can easily see what services and appointments I have available and coordinate it with when you’re free.

• It’s nice and easy to use.

• You’ll be able to see all the information you need before you book.

• Some people are just so used to doing everything online because it’s so convenient. Try my online booking system and see how easy and convenient it is, and I promise, you’ll be converted!

Access my online booking system

If you want to get booked anytime, click the 'book now' button on my website to access my online booking system.

Whether you want a new set of hair extensions, a consultation to find your perfect hair loss solution, or your extensions need a bit of maintenance and tlc, you’ll now have my appointments and services at your fingertips, 24/7!

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