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Is your hair long enough for Hair Extensions? Meet Tracy - my lovely client!

How long does my natural hair have to be?

Your natural hair has to be 5 inches in length all over or longer, so the best thing to do if your thinking of having extensions is book an appointment for a consultation with a Hair Extensionist and discuss your requirements.

August 2018 - Consultation 1st Appointment

Tracy came for a consultation in August 2018 and we discussed a plan of action, Tracy knew her natural hair was too short then to have extensions but we discussed that she should start growing it and come back in November 2019 nearly 12 weeks later and we would check progress of her hair growth.

November 2018 - Consultation 2nd Appointment

November has arrived and Tracy is back for her second consultation. Her natural hair has grown and I have decided to go ahead and arrange a fitting date. Tracy is aware that her hair will need lots of maintenance and she is prepared to put the work in to look after her hair extensions and to keep them in tip top condition along with her own natural hair.

November 2018 - Hair Extension Fitting Day

Tracy arrived for her appointment and her hair has been prepped at home so everything was ready and we used a combination of colours in ultra tips and mini tips from Remi Cachet and right around the top we used injection tape hair extensions so that the blend of the natural shorter hair at the top would blend easy with the injection tapes and rest of the extensions. The hair was 16 inches and then cut and styled to Tracys desired length.

Finished Result

Four hours later after fitting, cut, styled and blended, Tracy was on her way out with her full aftercare kit which consists of hair extension shampoo, hair extension conditioner and a protein spray, shake and protect spray, Kent hair extension brush, small handbag hair extension brush, big wide tooth comb and a bobble to tied her hair back for bed.

Tracy left with everything she needed to maintain her extensions, a two week follow up appointment and a further appointment for a refit.

Tracy knows that she can contact me anytime if she is having any difficulties and if she follows the aftercare instructions given to her at consultation she will have no issues at all.

Want to see pictures? Check out the 'Client Transformations' page!

How to contact me

Contact the salon text/whatsapp to 07932078004 to book a consultation and find out how I can help you achieve the hair of your dreams. 

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